Did you know that the average person spends up to 10 hours staring at a screen all day? From checking emails, reading blogs, watching TV, playing online games and catching up on social media − it all adds up!

But what would you do with all that spare time if you weren’t online? We’ve put together some great ideas on how to switch off and live it up in the real world on a long weekend at Protea Hotels by Marriott.

1.Explore The City
Whether you’re on holiday in a new city or taking a break closer to home, there’s so much to see and do. Read up on the all the must-see sites, best eateries and most exciting activities in the area, then head out and experience them all!

2.Tick Off Your To-Do List
With work emails, deadlines and daily chores taking up all your time, it’s no surprise that all the fun stuff has fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. Now’s the time to make it happen! Visit that new restaurant. Kick off your exercise regime. And finally finish that best-seller on your nightstand.

3.Find Your Zen
It’s easy to get lost in all the buzz of online news, Facebook updates and email trails. Clear your mind with a meditation session or try a yoga class to get your body and spirit into balance.

4.Watch The Sunrise
Wake up early, grab some take-away coffee and watch the world light up at sunrise. Instead of trying to get the perfect photo for Instagram, just enjoy having the view all to yourself.

5.Sleep In
When you’re on holiday, there aren’t any early morning meetings to worry about. So switch off your phone alarm and enjoy a lazy morning lie-in. Reading your iPad in bed is cheating!

6.Pack A Picnic
Why eat indoors when you can dine alfresco? Pack some tasty goodies in a basket, get into the great outdoors and find a sunny spot to tuck in.

7.Make A Date
When was the last time you spent some quality one-on-one time with your loved ones? Grab a drink and catch up with your bestie, take your whole family for a fun day out or treat your partner to a swanky dinner.

8.Run Free
You don’t always need a noisy backtrack to pump up your exercise routine. Leave your iPod behind and go for a run in the countryside where the fresh breeze and sounds of nature set the tone.

9.Get Your Game On
Board games are back in fashion! Ditch the lonely one-player online games and get the family together for game time. Bust out the dusty Monopoly board, get your Scrabble on, stretch your mind with some chess or try out one on the many trendy new board games now available.

10.Take A Hike
Leave the busy city behind and head for the hills on a relaxing hike in nature. Go birdwatching, wander through the bushveld or climb to the very top of a mountain. For a really digital-free experience, use a paper map to find your way.

P.S Don’t forget to take the pictures on flight mode, and upload them only when you’re home. Remember, you’re supposed to be offline.

Why not take an impulsive mini-break and digital detox right now? You can book your next long weekend away here.