The DIY Foodie Delight

Love hot chocolate?
Well, it’s about to get a whole lot hotter!

We’ve whipped up this fully loaded hot chocolate recipe to add some sizzle to those cold winter nights. Designed by Protea Hotel by Marriott Clarens, this trendy taste sensation would be right at home on the menu in New York and London’s top restaurants.

Impress your dinner date and wow your friends with this funky DIY dessert. Want to really knock their socks off? Add a splash of chocolate liqueur and turn it into an irresistible hot chocolate cocktail. YUM!

Grab these ingredients:

– 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
– 1 shot of espresso
– 200ml hot chocolate (piping hot)
– 200ml whipped cream
– 4 Oreo cookies
– 20ml chocolate sauce
– 25ml Nachtmusiek (chocolate liqueur)

Whip it up:

– Swirl some chocolate sauce into a glass
– Add the ice cream
– Crush 3 Oreo cookies and sprinkle 2/3 on top
– Pour the espresso over it all
– In a separate mug, mix the Nachtmusiek liqueur with hot chocolate
– Pour the hot chocolate mixture into the glass
– Finish with whipped cream and the left over cookie crumble
– Add a straw, pop the last cookie on top and enjoy!

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