It’s a brand new year and you’re already dreaming of all the family adventures, romantic long weekends and action-packed road trips that lie ahead. But sometimes finding the time to plan, pay for and take leave for all these adventures is easier dreamt than done. That’s why we’ve put together these smart tips to help keep your holiday plans on track and ensure that 2017 is your best travel year ever!

1. Savvy travel savings

Think about your travel plans as an investment. After all, it’s the awesome holidays and amazing experiences that make all your hard work worthwhile. To make sure you have enough saved up for your next big trip, open a bank account just for travel and put away some funds every month.

2. More is more

Sometimes all it takes is a short break to satisfy your wanderlust. Instead of saving up all your leave for one big trip, try taking lots of shorter breaks closer to home throughout the year. It’s a great way to explore all the amazing local destinations on offer in SA, plus you’ll have plenty of mini-breaks to look forward to all year long.

3. Don’t break the bank

You’ll be surprised how much you can save just by making the right travel decisions and thinking ahead. Choose self-catering accommodation to save on dining out with the whole family. Stay at family friendly hotels which offer in-house kids entertainment and school holiday programmes. Take advantage of loyalty and benefit programmes such as Prokard Explorer with amazing dining discounts of up to 50%. Plus, don’t forget to plan ahead and save up to 25% when you book 30 days or more in advance!

4. Hashtag your way to a great holiday

Whatever travel info you want to know, you’ll find it online. Check out the latest travel blogs, TripAdvisor reviews and Instagram hashtags for all the inspiration and information you need, and don’t forget to crowd source ideas on Facebook. Your next big trip is just a few links and clicks away!

5. Get the insider’s guide

While signing up for a scheduled tour can make travelling a little easier, it’s not quite as easy on your wallet. Ditch the tour guide and do it yourself by asking locals for their recommendations instead. Not only will going solo save your travel funds, it also means you get the inside scoop on the best restaurants, hotspots and must-see destinations.

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