It’s hard to imagine life without Wi-Fi, smart devices and social media. How else would you stay up to date on the latest news, keep in touch with friends or show off your holiday photos? There’s no doubt that being online is essential to our modern lifestyles, but so is switching off every once in a while.

It’s time to recharge your batteries (not your devices!) with a digital detox at Protea Hotels by Marriott. Switch off, shut down and log out on your long weekend escape with these great ideas to take it offline.

1.Disable the apps
Your followers and friends don’t need to know what you’re up to all the time.

2.Tech support
Get your family and friends to join you on your digital detox.

3.Enjoy the moment
Switch on auto reply and deal with work emails when you get back.

Stop wondering what everyone else is doing and just focus on the ones you’re with.

5.Out of office
That amazing sunset doesn’t need an Instagram filter.

6.Dine phone free
Don’t take your phone to dinner dates. Just enjoy the company.

7.Foot the bill
Make a rule − whoever touches their phone first has to pay for dinner or drinks!

8.Swap digital for analogue
Read a real book, play board games and use an alarm clock instead.

9.Go your own way
Try not to rely on Google and use a real map to get around.

10.Lights out
No checking social media, reading news or playing online games at bedtime.